Languages Idomas

This section is an overview of the specifics of English or Spanish Language learning here in Tarifa.  Nature Sense undertakes language courses due to it’s strong connection with BMCC’s Eco Education.

Nature Sense We have created a language programme that immerses you in your chosen language, but at it’s core is the concept of the ‘Out-door’ classroom.  By this we mean – You’re here to Learn Spanish – but that does not mean you’re stuck indoors with a biro in your hand.  We take you out, we learn verbs while actually living them!  Climb, Kite, Paddle, Surf, Explore, Walk, make bread even – this is making the language come alive and through this outdoor method you do not just learn, but you absorb the language on every level.

You learn faster – but most of all it’s more effective and way way more fun.  A perfect language learning holiday.

We also do corporate immersion and intensives – but this too, is very much alive, and in keeping with Nature Sense’s agenda of .. going outside.

Any questions please advise.
Along with Spanish and English,  as we are also half an hour from Morocco we teach French and Arabic.    And of course -“the outdoor classroom” is a paradise for children.

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