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Learn Spanish.

You can only learn a language –  properly;- you can only get to a natural and confident level when your teacher is native.   Pete Anderson – speaks 43 different languages

Nature Sense teaches a style of learning called Dynamic Learning.  This is based on the idea that  — The teaching must suit the pupil.  But it must also reflect the subject matter.   How can you learn about a restaurant effectively, if you’re sitting in a classroom!   Of course, this is not how it is in most schools, where it is “the method first, the pupil and the setting second”.  Further – we all know this especially does not suit adults at all.

We are individuals.  We all have skills in different ways.  Our Dynamic Learning programme for Spanish is based on how YOU learn and your goal.  Our goal is simply yours.

And we’re based in Tarifa:  International and Exciting.

Learning in wonderful surroundings Tarifa Nature Sense

Learning in wonderful surroundings Tarifa Nature Sense

If you want to talk more Spanish – we’ll talk.
If you want to work in a school, restaurant, bank, teach sports or simply understand what’s going on socially .. we’ve got you covered!

This course will suit teachers, adults and high flyers..
We have both short summer English courses or longer – depending on your time here in Tarifa.  We recommend combining your course with Kitesurfing or Paddle or many of the other activities available here.  We will sort it all out for you here at Nature Sense.
We aim to suit the pupil.

Spanish Course Details

  • Our teachers are native Spanish speakers.
  • Classes are for groups and one to one.
  • Our course comes out of a qualified psychological understanding of Dynamic Understanding.
  • We teach – you learn through fun and aim to have you speak with ease and confidence.
  • In keeping with Nature Sense ..classes are both in the class room and outside.   .
Learning in Nature

Learning in Nature

Sand Dunes.

“When you’re happy – the words just flow with ease!”   NatureSense

Nature Sense English Classes

We also have Children’s Spanish Classes! 🙂

More Information
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